New Home page experience

The new and refreshed Home page The page that is presented to the user upon login, which contains the tiles that let the user access or navigate to common tasks. experience makes the information you view clearer and easier to read.

Access the new Home page

Access the new Home page by changing the system setting.

  1. Navigate to: Administration > Application Setup > System Configuration > System Settings> Global Values

  2. Scroll to When true is selected, users will be allowed to see the new home page.

  3. Change the default setting to true.


The new Home page has a new look:


  • If you have customized your Home page with your own company or organizational background and colors, you will not see the new changes.

  • If you have specified tile sizes on your existing tiles, they will be overridden by the new tile size.

  • The Edit button is no longer accessible from the gear icon at the top right of the Home page, but is now at the bottom of the page.