New Home page experience

The Home page has been refreshed to make the information you view clearer and easier to read.


Highlights of the new Home page include:

  • New branding colors.

  • New icon styles are used for navigation, actions, and menus.

  • New fonts for page titles, headings, and tiles

  • Tiles are the same size, presenting a more consistent appearance that makes them easier to scan and read.

  • The Time off request, Punch, Activity, and Business Process tiles have been restyled.

  • The My Profile tile has been deprecated. This tile's functionality has been moved to the Main Menu.

  • You use the Edit button at the bottom of the Home page to display the Tiles slide-out panel, from which you can add and remove tiles from the Home page.

  • The Restore Home Page icon has moved to the Tiles slide-out panel, which is accessed by the Edit button.


  • If you customized your Home page with your own company or organizational background and colors in a previous release, these changes are captured in the new Custom branding theme on upgrade.

  • If you have specified tile sizes on your existing tiles, they will be overridden by the new tile size.

  • The Edit button is now at the bottom of the Home page.